Interpreting Services

Interpreting Services


At Brady Languages we offer a high quality interpreting service for our corporate clients. We provide interpreting services from and into all requested languages.

Our interpreting services allow our clients to breakdown the language barrier and communicate more freely with their overseas colleagues and clients.


We offer the following interpreting services:


Consecutive Interpreting

This is where the interpreter listens to a section of speech then summarises it or relays the gist. This type of interpreting is suitable for one to one meetings and small groups.


Telephone Interpreting

This is where the interpreter interprets over the phone. This form of interpreting is quicker and less personal. Interpreters are not physically in the room and therefore clients often feel less exposed.


Community Interpreting

This type of interpreting breaks down the language barrier in the community often at the request of doctors, lawyers, hospitals, Gardaí, social services and schools.

This type of interpreting can be delivered in person or over the telephone.

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"Brady Languages are great language teachers. They helped me to become more fluent in English when I was working in Ireland. They are really efficient  " 

Mr Francois Trouve,

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