Intercultural Communication Skills

Did you know?

In Japan...

If a Japanese businessman or business woman gives you their business card, he or she would think you very rude if you placed it in your pocket straight away or if you did not receive the card with both hands?

In Brazil... 

The sign for OK formed by connecting one's forefinger and thumb is considered highly offensive? 

In China...

It is best practice to address your colleagues or would be clients by their title and last name e.g Professor Zhao.

At Brady Languages...

We understand that having an appreciation for the environment in which your customer operates is a vital element to securing repeat business. For this reason, Diversity or Cultural Awareness training is a key element in all of our Language Training Programmes.

Win and retain new business...

By ensuring that your employees are familiar with the target culture, you enable them to understand the business practices in that market. Better professional relationships mean increased growth and revenues. Please click here to request a callback and we will be happy to speak with you about your specific needs.


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"Brady Languages are great language teachers. They helped me to become more fluent in English when I was working in Ireland. They are really efficient  " 

Mr Francois Trouve,

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