The A.C.T. Method

What is the A.C.T. method?

The A.C.T method is our unique language training methodology used exclusively by all Brady Languages trainers.

What does A.C.T stand for?

The A.C.T. method stands for Autonomy, Communication and Translation. It comprises of 3 effective language-teaching methods. The A.C.T. method of language learning encourages autonomous learning, communicative learning in the target language and the translation method of teaching.

ACT Method


Empowering each learner to unlock the wealth of resources that comes with being an Autonomous learner.


Communication through the target languages enables fluency at a much quicker rate than standard classes. 


Learner gains greater understanding of target language syntax and structure through translation which enables greater fluency in their target language.

We created this teaching method after years of teaching learners who were confused and suffered from a real lack of structural understanding of the language they were learning. We found that many students who had previous knowledge of any language had become de-motivated, frustrated and confused by what and how they were being taught. We found that learners needed essential grammar points to be explained to them in their own language in order to gain a good structural and grammatical understanding. We find that by putting into practise the grammar points that have been studied by translating sentences into and from the target language our students have a better understanding of how the language works.

In order to meet clients’ expectations, before the commencement of each course, a level test and needs analysis will be carried out on each learner/group. This will enable a language course to be designed, structured and delivered to the highest quality in a learner-centred environment.

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"Brady Languages are great language teachers. They helped me to become more fluent in English when I was working in Ireland. They are really efficient  " 

Mr Francois Trouve,

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